When working together on building revitalization, we use our long-term experience not only in thermal engineering, but also in constructions and heat-engineering defects in buildings and renewable energy sources.

Experience, overview and quality guarantee

We have many years of experience, we follow the latest trends and technologies and we guarantee a qualified and independent professional approach.

Consultation and consultancy on building insulation and increasing their energy class is provided either directly or indirectly through co-operation with construction firms and architects to private individuals, housing cooperatives, businesses, school facilities and state institutions.

When revitalizing buildings, we can help you:

Calculate how much you save with Querytherm

The QURYTHERM thermo-regulating system guarantees savings of at least 20%, but for insulated buildings with over-heating it can save up to 49%.

Find out how much you can save on heating with Querytherm. Write a questionnaire or order a free, non-binding consultation of our technology for you to get a more accurate calculation.