Elementary school of Pocaply - Kraluv Dvur

  • Non-residential object (2 470 m2 heated area)
  • Installation was done in January 2017
  • Consumption before installation was 2320 GJ
  • Consumption with Querytherm is 1670 GJ
  • Savings 28%
Elementary school of Pocaply - Kraluv Dvur

Primary school saved 28% of heating costs

In 2017, ECOONE EUROPE s.r.o. installed Querytherm. The thermal comfort of the building is perfect. We are more comfortable here and the children are not so fond of it.

Elementary school of Pocaply - Kraluv Dvur

- Mgr. Vladislav Krabec

Calculate how much you save with Querytherm

The QURYTHERM thermo-regulating system guarantees savings of at least 20%, but for insulated buildings with over-heating it can save up to 49%.

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