Principles and advantages of QUERYTHERM thermal regulation

The QUERYTHERM thermo-regulating system currently offers the world's most efficient way of regulating heat through artificial intelligence and a revolutionary algorithm for heating the heating medium.

The smart technology constantly evaluates a large amount of data in real-time to identify when to melt and when it is unnecessary, and only takes as much heat as is actually needed for the required thermal comfort in a given object. QUERYTHERM thus always manages the heat and does not reduce the heating temperature at the expense of saving.

The main advantages of the QUERYTHERM control system

  • the immediate effect of saving energy expenditure on heat,
  • short investment return,
  • possibility of installation even during the heating season within one to two days,
  • autoadaptation technology and constant optimization of heat supply with respect to current internal and external heat gains,
  • immediate consideration of current climate change,
  • reducing the noise of the heat system,
  • guarantee of stable thermal comfort in the building,
  • automatic operation without operator,
  • system remote control including real-time reporting.
Předpověď počasí a tepelná čidla

weather forecast and thermal sensors

Pohyb a aktivita tepelných zdrojů a ztrát

motion and heat sources activity and losses

Predikce budoucí tepelné spotřeby

prediction of future heat consumption

Save the heating even more and go to the new type of thermal regulation

Disadvantages of equithermal regulation

Obsolete equithermal control systems heat the medium in the heating system to a temperature that is directly proportional to the outside temperature, with the required temperature of the medium being determined by the manufacturer's recommended parameters. When changing the thermal properties of an object (for example, when installing new windows or building insulation), these parameters must be redefined experimentally.

Equithermal regulation is controlled by an equithermal curve


Advantages of query technology

QUERYTHERM uses a new heating heating algorithm to regulate the heat consumption according to how much heat is currently needed in the individual heat circuits to ensure the desired thermal comfort. The amount of heat is therefore directly proportional to real needs, and the system responds automatically and immediately to any temperature changes.

Querythermal control is controlled by the thermal need of the object

querythermní regulace