The home station QUERY 4X HOME + comes as a compact, pre-assembled unit. This unit provides heating and hot water in every household. The whole unit is made of stainless steel pipes and is mounted on a base plate, which is then mounted in a painted steel cabinet. The installation of the apartment unit can be realized in a few minutes and then immediately connect the line. Thanks to the high power spectrum it is possible to ensure optimal adaptation according to the desired comfort of the service water. Installation is easy and uncomplicated, so the user or plumber can handle it without deeper pre-knowledge.

Main advantages

  • Up to 20% lower secondary heat costs compared to central hot water preparation
  • High comfort of hot water
  • High water hygiene and safety against Legionella bacteria
  • High availability: The consumer can decide when and how he wants to heat himself
  • Always accurately control consumption with heat and cold water meters

Benefits for operators and investors

  • Legal certainty in operation of facilities under the Drinking Water Directive and DVGW (German Gas and Water Association), Worksheet 551
  • Perspective: There are no building or technical modifications of the apartments when changing the energy source.
  • Investment advantage: Significant reduction in the extra cost of heat for a possible increase for non-energy rent.
  • Possibilities of subsidies from municipal and state programs.
  • Suitable for operation with low-temperature generators (eg: heat pump)


Since the proportional quantity controller is not used, the user and the installer will also save difficult maintenance work. Thanks to its highly sensitive stainless steel spiral sensor, it is possible to make a smooth setting of the predetermined temperature (20 ° C to 70 ° C) thanks to its large surface, which ensures a quick and easy discharge of water with a pleasant heat distribution.


Due to the design and layout of the heat exchanger, lime deposits are reliably prevented to reduce performance. Thanks to the large heat exchanger, high take-ups are possible at a very low inlet temperature and a low return temperature is guaranteed at the same time.


Thanks to the built-in cold water meter, combined with hot water metering, you can set up accurate billing per housing unit remotely.


Thanks to its internal design and location, the entire residential station is compact with minimal size requirements. It can also be placed in thin partitions.


Measurement from the first switch-on, simultaneous commissioning with the home station, and no coordination and installation costs. Almost all measuring products or adapters are available. Combined with visualization and billing software, this is an unbeatable system.