The module for low temperature and / or high temperature heating modules QUERY 4X MIX, just like other components, is mounted directly on the tank. They take the hot water needed with the appropriate tray zones for floor heating or radiators, the return is returned to the relevant storage zone.

The heating circuit module is used to connect low or high temperature heating circuits to the QUERY 4X TANK system tray. The heating groups are adjustable in the basic assembly for constant return flow. However, it is particularly suitable for QUERYTHERM® expansion. The smallest thermal losses of the heating circuit module ensure thermal insulation from EPP and optimum connection on the system tray.

Main advantages

  • The smallest possible compact design
  • Minimum installation costs
  • Maintenance without drain and heating
  • Ball valves with input and output (optional)
  • Large power coverage with a high kvs mixer * = 4.0
  • It is suitable for a variety of heating controls
  • No major circulation - prevented by the integrated gravity brake


  • For low temperature TV
  • For high temperature TV

* The module is produced in 3 variants, so it is necessary to determine the appropriate combination:

1. Only low-temperature MIX FLO heating circuit
2. Only high temperature heating circuit MIX RAD
3. Low-temperature and high temperature heating circuit MIX