Thanks to the patented temperature control, the station provides fresh water in combination with the QUERY 4X TANK system of drinking water tank to keep fresh and vital hot water without waiting and fluctuating temperatures in any desired quantity. Thermally isolated station can be supplied up to three families. With a large dimension plate heat exchanger, up to 30 l / min (45 °C) can be removed.

The service water circulation set serves to extend the QUERY 4X MIX with a single circulating pump for increased warm water comfort and also offers impulse operation in addition to timed operation. The integrated automatic back-up thermostat and gravity brakes offer even greater comfort and use. The potable water station is designed to heat drinking water in combination with a system tray. It is installed directly on the QUERY 4X TANK stack to the outlet, which minimizes heat loss through pipeline transmission. However, it can also be installed outside the wall drawer, but we recommend installing it directly on the tray. It can be expanded by the QUERY 4X CIRK circulator for DHW, which is connected via Push-in.

Hlavní přednosti

  • The smallest possible compact design
  • Mounting directly on the storage tank or on the wall
  • Unpretentious maintenance
  • Impressive design
  • Optimum thermal insulation
  • High flow of hot water
  • No losses of water and energy
  • Perfect PUSH-IN solution


  • To prepare DHW