The basic construction consists of a steel frame of square profiles with a special anti-corrosion coating, mounted on the feet with adjustable stiffness. The station has a service door on the front and rear, which can be lockable on customer's request. In order to ensure good thermal flow (VS thermal load discharge), perforated sheets are placed on the longitudinal sides. For maintenance purposes, QUERY 4X DISTRICT S mounts the heat exchanger outside and stands on its own vibration-resistant frame. The power output of the station is up to 1000kW.

Main advantages

  • Individual fabrication as required
  • Innovative thermal insulation, easy to remove with grooves for wiring
  • The method of implementation guarantees minimal vibration and noise
  • Resistance to pollution
  • Protection against damage
  • Provides protection from external influences
  • Detailed 3D construction (on request)