How quickly will I get a specific bid, cost, and savings after completing the questionnaire?

We send the cost and savings quote in the shortest possible time. For a more accurate offer, however, we recommend contacting our sales agent or ordering a visit to the technician directly in the facility, which will prolong this period slightly. All our calculations and on-site consultations are free of charge.

Can individual prizes be awarded to large companies (eg spas, schools, etc.)?

Yes, for large objects, we process an individual solution and take into account the size of the order in the price offer.

Can QUERYTHERM be installed without interruption of heat supply?

Yes, when installing QUERYTHERMU, we use pipe drilling technology without releasing the heating medium and the heat supply is not limited to it. The QUERYTHERM mixing circuit is prepared in advance and its connection takes only a few hours.

How long does it take to QUERYTHERM to install the order?

If we do not find any defects in the design documentation and the technical condition of the pipeline, QUERYTHERM can be installed within 3 days. Installation itself takes 1-3 days.

How does QUERYTHERM's installation restrict the heating function in the house? Can the installation take place even in the heating season?

Yes, since the shutdown of the QUERYTHERMEM installation takes only a few hours, it can also be done during the heating season without affecting the temperature in the building.

Where is QUERYTHERM installed and is it necessary to enter individual apartments?

The installation of QUERYTHERMU is carried out in the basement of the building (in the boiler room or in the room with the heat exchanger) on the heel of the house (outdoor heating) and there is no need to enter the apartments. Because the installation is quick, the tenants do not even notice them in the middle of the heating season.

Will we not save heat with QUERYTHERM at the expense of winter in flats?

Quite certainly, QUERYTHERM will improve thermal comfort in the building while reducing heat costs. The control system works on the principle of perfect optimization of your actual heat demand and reliably prevents the unnecessary removal of excess heat. In general, at least 40% of unnecessarily removed heat literally flies through the window, but you must pay it. With QUERYTHERM you pay only for the heat you will actually use.

Is there a need for a QUERYTHERM installation and who, if any, does it apply?

No, no need for a project to install QUERYTHERM. In most cases, this is a standard installation according to the data sheet. If our technician discovers any inconsistencies in the heating system, we will notify you and we will arrange the project for free.

Is a building permit or a building statement required if heating is provided by a heat supplier?

No, building permission is not required when installing QUERYTHERMU, because it is a small hit in the heating system and the consent of the owner of the distribution is sufficient, which is usually the owner of the building. In the framework of our realization we provide the heat supplier.

Is the approval of the heat supplier necessary before installing QUERYTHERM?

No, installation is done only after the invoicing meter and after the last heat supplier's valves on the property right of the investor of pipelines. Further communication with the heat supplier will be provided by our installer.

Does the queryter regulation save more than just equitherm, and how much?

Yes, quaternary technology is more efficient than obsolete and the most widespread equithermal regulation so far, and will replace it prospectively. Based on our studies and our experience, Querytherm regulation reduces heating costs by 20-50% and thus contributes to higher savings.

When reducing total heat consumption due to QUERYTHERM, will we also reduce CO2 emissions?

Yes, Querytherm will reduce the overall consumption of your property, reducing CO2 emissions not only from you, but also from your heat supplier. This will no longer produce heat that is not being used, which will reduce CO2 emissions even further. Generally, 7% of energy is required to produce 1 ° C of heat.

What savings do you guarantee and how can it be documented?

Performance and studies have shown that the minimum savings rate is above 20%. It can be documented by an evaluation after the end of the heating season, which will be worked out by an energy specialist according to the standard formulas for calculating the energy savings.

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Calculate how much you save with Querytherm

The QURYTHERM thermo-regulating system guarantees savings of at least 20%, but for insulated buildings with over-heating it can save up to 49%.

Find out how much you can save on heating with Querytherm. Write a questionnaire or order a free, non-binding consultation of our technology for you to get a more accurate calculation.