We help private individuals and housing co-operatives to apply for subsidies to reduce the energy intensity of existing family houses, apartment buildings in Prague and the construction of low-energy family houses. You do not have to take a vacation because of running the authorities. We can arrange everything for you and you can really enjoy your holiday.

Who is the subsidy determined and what it can be used for?

Challenge New green savings for owners and family house builders are related to measures to reduce the energy intensity of existing family houses, to build houses with low energy intensity, to exchange non-organic heat sources for heating, to install ventilation systems with return heat and to install solar thermal and photovoltaic systems.

Support can also be used to process expert judgment or to provide technical supervision.

The program covers family houses throughout the Czech Republic and apartment buildings in Prague and applications for subsidy can be submitted by 31 December 2021.

As part of the Green Savings program, we offer:

Calculate how much you save with Querytherm

The QURYTHERM thermo-regulating system guarantees savings of at least 20%, but for insulated buildings with over-heating it can save up to 49%.

Find out how much you can save on heating with Querytherm. Write a questionnaire or order a free, non-binding consultation of our technology for you to get a more accurate calculation.