Which QUERYTHERM are you providing a warranty?

QUERYTHERM system components provide a warranty of 5 years (2 years according to the law + 3 years guarantee).

How is warranty and post-warranty service guaranteed?

Warranty service is provided once a year for two years through an authorized company. Post-warranty service is provided for service fees according to the pricelist.

Is it possible to finance QUERYTHERM purchase without a down payment?

No, the amount of the down payment is fixed at 25%.

Can QUERYTHERM be purchased only from real savings?

Yes, the most common form of reimbursement is from the repairers fund, which makes the money saved and returns in the form of instant savings for heating.

Can QUERYTHERM be insured?

Yes, QUERYTHERM can be insured directly at our company.

What are the guarantees in the event of bankruptcy or bankruptcy?

We are insured against all of these risks and we guarantee our customers for these events.

To what amount is ECOONE EUROPE s.r.o. insured?

Our policy covers damage up to CZK 5,000,000 (general liability + product or work defect after handover).

Is the QUERYTHERM system capable of functioning in the event of ECOONE EUROPE s.r.o.

Yes, each QUERYTHERM unit is equipped with software for its independent control and operation.

Which QUERYTHERM VAT Quotation Group Are Included?

QUERYTHERM is a device that technically evaluates a building, increases its cost and, as a result, extends its depreciation period. Therefore, QUERYTHERM is not deprecated separately. The actual time of depreciation of buildings depends on what it serves. For example, hotels, office buildings, etc. belong to group 6 and are depreciated for 50 years, apartment buildings or corporate buildings serving eg for production belong to group 5 and are depreciated for 30 years.

When the heating season begins and ends

The heating season is determined by the Decree of the Ministry of Industry and Trade No. 194/2007 Coll., Which sets the beginning of the heating season on 1 September and its end on 31 May. It does not mean, however, that immediately on September 1 it must start to melt. The Decree states that the heat supply begins in the heating season when the air temperature drops for at least two consecutive days below +13 ° C, provided the weather forecast does not expect a rise in temperature over +13 ° C in subsequent days. In order to end the heat supply during the heating season, the same applies - if the temperature rises above +13 ° C on two consecutive days and the weather forecast will no longer fall below this limit in the following days, the heat supply is terminated.

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The QURYTHERM thermo-regulating system guarantees savings of at least 20%, but for insulated buildings with over-heating it can save up to 49%.

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