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Radko Soucek

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Radko Soucek

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TDG, §6 a MdStV, §10

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Zahuni 407
Frenstat pod Radhostem, 744 01
Ceska Republika

ECOONE EUROPE s.r.o. is entered in the Commercial Register at the Regional Court in Ostrava, file number C 21851.

Tax ID Number ECOONE EUROPE s.r.o. is CZ 25851560.

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Access to ECOONE EUROPE s.r.o. is generally open, free of charge and does not require registration. Once accessed, the log files automatically store the date, time and number of accesses, duration, access paths, etc. These data are statistically evaluated and analyzed to optimize our offer and to recognize error messages. Log files do not contain any personal data and will not be provided to third parties. The data and information obtained on the website will be treated according to the Data Protection Act and will not be provided to third parties. No personal data will be used. We reserve the right to use this information for statistical purposes. The transfer of personal data to state institutions or similar bodies is possible only within the scope of normal legal principles and only in the case of a court order. "Cookies" will be made by ECOONE EUROPE s.r.o. stored for statistical purposes only and do not contain any personal data (such as design, language). In general, the website of ECOONE EUROPE s.r.o. used without cookies. In this case, however, some of the options for setting up our website will not be available to these visitors. If personal data enters the registration process, they can be changed or deleted at any time. This requires your user profile in the registration process after logging on as a registered user. Removal / De-registration from ECOONE EUROPE s.r.o. and the subsequent deletion of stored user data is possible on our site.


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We are not responsible for the information provided on our website. Especially for the accuracy and quality of the information provided. Liability for damages (destruction of material, etc.) caused by incorrect use or non-use of the information provided, obsolete or incomplete information is strictly forbidden.


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